DRC Kid Fit

DRC Kid Fit

Transforming kid’s confidence through fitness

Anxiety is the #1 mental health disorder in kids today.

According to a study done by the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics and data collected from the National Survey of Children’s Health for ages 6 to 17, researchers found a 20 percent increase in diagnoses of anxiety.

A child’s growth stages can be an extremely difficult time for them. They tend to feel very uncomfortable as they go through certain physical changes and this often leads to increased anxiety, in addition to numerous other issues.

Have fun

Reduce injury risk

Gain confidence

Instill healthy habits

Develop body control

Improve confidence

At Your School

We bring our proven program to your school. Our 60 min before and after school sessions are sure to provide a productive program for kids to improve their physical and mental health. We provide the equipment and the high level instruction.