DRC Sports Performance

Sports Performance

Learn what it really takes to elevate your game to the next level

Being former professional & Division 1 athletes we understand what it takes to get to an elite level, so we have developed a plan designed to provide the necessary tools for an athlete to become more explosive and mentally tough. The structure of our training is built around enhancing their skills on the field or court allowing them to maximize their athletic potential.

3 Areas Of Focus

Train Smart

Developing a plan is the key to achieving sustainable success. The structure of our training is built around developing a plan to enhance an athlete’s skills on the field or court by teaching movement efficiency – the combination of strength, flexibility, mobility, stability, and coordination. We aim to improve explosiveness through body awareness and control, as well as duplicating the movements that are made on the field or court. This results in running faster, moving quicker, jumping higher, lasting longer, and placing less stress on the body. Meaning performance is enhanced and injury risk is reduced.

Fuel for Performance

Food and fluids must be looked at as fuel. Nothing can positively or negatively effect performance more drastically than fueling with the right quality, the proper amount, at the right times.

Get Your Mind Right

What you focus on determines your success. We provide focus points that are say exactly what to do to ensure it’s repeatable, resulting in consistent success. Our training simulates game-like conditions because mental focus is the first thing to drop off as fatigue sets. This environment provides an opportunity to work on developing mental discipline – the #1 separating factor as the level of competition increases.

Do You Have a Plan?

Our goal is to help athletes develop a comprehensive plan to enhance their sport performance & reduce their risk for injury.

Our 3 areas of focus are physical training & mental conditioning, and nutritional guidance. Physically we aim at improving their movement efficiency – the combination of strength, flexibility, mobility, stability, & coordination. Mentally we teach how to develop a plan that is built for success, which instantly helps mental focus. Nutritionally we educate athletes on how they can use food to fuel their performance.

These kids are at a crucial age where the habits they develop now, directly affects their longevity in sport, not only from a performance standpoint, but a health standpoint as well. This is why it is vital that we educate them on how to move, think, & eat more efficiently. The structure of our training is built around enhancing their skills on the field or court by making them more explosive & mentally tough athletes. We aim to improve their explosiveness through body awareness & duplicating the way they move on the field or court, ultimately putting them in position to run faster, move quicker, jump higher, last longer, & place less stress on their bodies. We also look to simulate game-like conditions through training that will provide an opportunity to develop their mental focus & toughness. However, none of this can be maximized without proper nutrition. For this reason, we can also provide options that teach them how to use food to their advantage.

Varsity Squad

Ages 13-18
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

JV Squad

Ages 7-12
Tuesday and Thursday

School Year sessions

August – May
4pm – 5pm

Summer sessions

June – July
11am – 1pm