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CrossFit in Peoria, CrossFit in Glendale, CrossFit in Surprise, CrossFit in Phoenix


The core of our strength and conditioning program where we perform functional movements that are constantly varied at a high intensity. We use barbells, kettle bells, medicine balls, rowers, assault bikes, gymnastics rings and bars, as well as ropes and other functional equipment.
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CrossFit Lite in Peoria, CrossFit Lite in Glendale, CrossFit Lite in Surprise, CrossFit Lite in Phoenix

CrossFit Lite

Perfect for athletes at all skill levels who are starting a CrossFit program. We use the same principles as a regular CrossFit class with a strong focus on effective breakdown progressions that allow you to master technique using scaled-down weights.
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DRC Sports Performance in Peoria, DRC Sports Performance in Glendale, DRC Sports Performance in Surprise, DRC Sports Performance in Phoenix

DRC Sports Performance

The structure of our training is built around enhancing athlete’s skills on the field or court allowing them to maximize their athletic potential. We have developed a plan designed to provide the necessary tools for an athlete to become more explosive and mentally tough.
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Nutrition Counseling in Peoria, Nutrition Counseling in Glendale, Nutrition Counseling in Surprise, Nutrition Counseling in Phoenix

Dead Red Kitchen

Our online nutrition program has helped hundreds of people, just like you, achieve sustainable results. We provide the plan, you put forth the effort, and you will build a healthier you.
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Personal Training in Peoria, Personal Training in Glendale, Personal Training in Surprise, Personal Training in Phoenix

Personal Training

Designed for individuals looking to get customized programming and coaching specific to their needs.
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Sports Team Training in Peoria, Sports Team Training in Glendale, Sports Team Training in Surprise, Sports Team Training in Phoenix

Sports Team Training

Looking to bring your sports team into The DRC and train like the pros? Not only will we develop a sport specific program, but we will also help improve mental conditioning and team chemistry.
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Transforming kid’s confidence through fitness. We teach kids how to gain power over their bodies.
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